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The Monthly Bangla Express Magazine has created a discrete organization, called Student Express (SE), which provides an open platform for students to discover and express their creativity and thoughts. SE is a nonprofit organization with a mission to promote and facilitate writing & publishing of literature, and practicing Social and Cultural activities amongst different communities. SE aims to provide a platform to young writers by publishing their articles and stories. Additionally, it is involved in sports, arts & cultural activities, such as singing, dancing, painting etc. to entertain and showcase young talents. The organization is managed by current and former Bangladeshi Students residing in UAE under the supervision of the Bangla Express Newspaper authority.

Our Objectives:
# To promote our literary, cultural and social activities abroad among the other nationalities.
# Establishing a brotherhood towards each other and contribute in culture and social development activities from their respective positions.
# Representing Bangladesh abroad through writing articles and stories.
# To provide essential assistance to the expatriate students.